Electric welding machine safety operating procedures

Electric welding machine equipment is simple to use, reliable, widely used in industrial production and processing, such as the construction industry, ship industry, is a very important type of processing operations. However, the welding work itself has a certain danger, prone to electric shock accidents and fire accidents, and even cause casualties in serious cases. This requires that in the actual welding work, pay enough attention to the relevant safety hazards to ensure the quality of the welding process. For this reason, the following codes of practice must be observed during welding operations.

1. Carefully check the tools, whether the equipment is intact, whether the welding machine is reliably grounded, the repair of the welding machine should be carried out by electrical maintenance personnel, and other personnel shall not disassemble and repair.

2. Before work, you should carefully check the working environment to confirm that it is normal and safe before you start working, and wear a good welding helmet, welding gloves and other labor protective equipment before work.

3. Wear a safety belt when welding at height, and when the safety belt is hung, be sure to stay away from the welding part and the ground wire part, so as not to burn the seat belt during welding.

4. The grounding wire should be firm and safe, and it is not allowed to use scaffolding, wire cables, machine tools, etc. as grounding wires. The general principle is the nearest point of the welding point, the ground wire of the live equipment must be careful, and the equipment wire and the ground wire should not be connected, so as not to burn the equipment or cause fire.

5. In close to flammable welding, there should be strict fire prevention measures, if necessary, the safety officer must agree before working, after welding should be carefully inspected, confirm that there is no fire source, before leaving the site.

6. When welding the sealed container, the tube should first open the vent, repair the container that has been filled with oil, should be cleaned, open the inlet cover or vent hole before welding.

7. When welding operations are carried out on the used tank, it is necessary to find out whether there are flammable and explosive gases or substances, and it is strictly forbidden to start fire welding before the situation is ascertained.

8. Welding tongs and welding wires should be frequently inspected and maintained, and damage should be repaired or replaced in time.

9. When welding in rainy days or in wet places, be sure to pay attention to good insulation, hands and feet wet or wet clothes and shoes should not be welding, if necessary, dry wood can be placed under the feet.

10. After work, must first disconnect the power supply, close the welding machine, carefully check the work site extinct fire, before leaving the scene.

Post time: Dec-01-2022