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HAPPY Auto Darkening Welding Helmets: ADF DX 402S

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Model ADF DX-402S
Optical Class 1/2/1/2
Dark State Variable, 9-13
Shade Control External, Variable
Cartridge Size 110mmx90mmx9mm (4.33"x3.54"x0.35")
Viewing Size 92mmx42mm (3.62" x 1.65 ")
Arc Sensor 2
Battery Life 5000 H
Power Solar Cell, no battery change required
Shell Material PP
Headband Material LDPE
Recommend Industry Heavy Infrastructure
User Type Professional and DIY Household
Visor Type Auto Darkening Filter
Welding Process MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG, Plasma Cutting, Arc Gouging
Low Amperage TIG 35Amps(AC), 35Amps(DC)
Light State DIN4
Dark To Light 0.25-0.45S Auto
Light To Dark 1/15000S
Sensitivity Control Non adjustable, Auto
UV/IR Protection DIN16
GRIND Function YES
Low Volume Alarm NO
ADF Self-check NO
Working Temperature -5℃~+55℃( 23℉~131℉)
Storage Temperature -20℃~+70℃(-4℉~158℉)
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 460g
Packing Size 33x23x23cm

Welding helmets are available in two main categories: passive and auto-darkening. Passive helmets have a dark lens that does not change or adjust, and welding operators nod the helmet down as they start the arc when using this type of helmet.


In the category of auto-darkening helmets, there are  xed shade or variable shade options. A  xed shade helmet will darken to one pre-set shade — often a good option in applications where the welding operator repeats the same weld. With a variable shade helmet, the lens has different shades that the operator can select, which is bene cial when welding processes and applications vary. Adjustments to the lens shade — often via a digital keypad — are based upon the brightness of the arc.



OEM Service

(1) Customer's Company Logo, laser engraving on screen.
(2) User Manual( Different language or content)
(3) Ear Sticker Design
(4) Warning Sticker Design

MOQ: 200 PCS
Delivery time: 30 Days after receive deposit
Payment Term: 30%TT as deposit, 70%TT before shipment or L/C At sight.

Auto-darkening helmets also offer different operational modes, which adjust the lens shade for grinding or plasma cutting, for example. These modes increase  exibility, allowing a single helmet to be used for numerous jobs and applications.


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