How to adjust the auto-darkening welding helmet/mask

Darkness adjustment:

Filter shade number (Dark state) can be manually set from 9-13. There is an adjustment knob outside/inside the mask. Gently rotate the knob by hand to set proper shading number.

Grinding set:

During the cutting or grinding, need to put the knob to the “grind” position. Note, some products are without this feature, see the technical parameter table.

Headband Adjustment:

Headband size can be manually adjusted to fit different people to wear.

Press the rotary gear moderately and adjust the tightness to feel comfortable. The rotating gear has self-locking function, rotating forcibly is prohibited in order to avoid damaging the gear.

There are positioning holes on the side of the helmet, through adjusting the fixed plate in lateral hole location, can change the angle of sight, adjusting the angle of view.


Post time: Aug-13-2022