Arc welding machine

Arc welding machines are divided into electrode arc welding machines, submerged arc welding machines and gas shielded welding machines according to welding methods; According to the type of electrode, it can be divided into melting electrode and non melting electrode; According to the operation method, it can be divided into manual arc welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine and automatic welding machine: according to the arc welding power supply, it can be divided into AC arc welding machine, DC arc welding machine, pulse arc welding machine and inverter arc welding machine.

The electric welding machine uses the high-temperature arc generated by the instantaneous short circuit between the positive and negative poles to melt the solder and the welded material on the electrode to achieve the purpose of combining them.

Electric welding machine is actually a transformer with external characteristics, which changes 220V and 380V AC into low-voltage DC. Generally, electric welding machine can be divided into two types according to the type of output power supply. One is AC power supply; One is DC.

The DC electric welding machine can also be said to be a high-power rectifier, which is divided into positive and negative poles. When the AC is input, it is transformed by the transformer, rectified by the rectifier, and then output the power supply with falling external characteristics. The output terminal will produce huge voltage changes when it is connected and disconnected. The two poles will ignite the arc when there is an instantaneous short circuit. The generated arc is used to melt the welding electrode and welding materials, cool them, and then achieve the purpose of combining them. Welding transformer has its own characteristics. The external characteristics are the characteristics of sharp voltage drop after electrode ignition. Welding is widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, ships, automobiles, containers and so on.

Post time: Apr-25-2022