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Teknor Apex’s new Flexalloy 89504-90 compound offers wire and cable manufacturers a variety of options.#PVC
Two new PVC elastomer compounds for wire and cable insulation from Teknor Apex, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, are said to exhibit the enhanced properties required for a variety of demanding applications, while offering manufacturers the versatility to New selection.
As thermoplastic elastomers, Flexalloy 89504-90 and -90FR compounds are reported to have higher low temperature flexibility than standard PVC and are better able to withstand repeated flexing over a longer service life.Both grades have a Shore A hardness scale of 90, are UL recognized as Oils I and II as insulating materials, and meet the requirements of the VW1 (UL 83) flame test.FR grades offer a higher level of flame retardancy and are UL listed to meet the 720-hour sunlight resistance test for all colors.
Recommended applications include factory automation and robotics cables; control and instrumentation cables (TC, PLTC, ITC, and CIC); custom appliance wires; flexible cords (UL 62), including electric vehicle charging cables; portable power cables, such as those used on construction sites cables; stage lighting cables; and welding cables.
A number of conditions must be met to obtain optimal wall distribution in PET bottles.As usual, a skilled operator is essential.
This new line of transparent engineering thermoplastics made a splash in extrusion for the first time, but now injection molding machines are learning how to process these amorphous resins into optical and medical parts.

Post time: May-12-2022